New Jigsaw Interface and Content

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Jigsaw™ is revamped and made easier to use.  This plug and play product delivers a cost effective entertainment solution for any busy venue.  Jigsaw™ is specifically focussed to enhance the guest experience in any hospitality driven environment.

10,000 Music Tracks sourced direct from the UK’s leading digitised music content provider SoundNet, who already supply music to 16,000 sites in the UK, having the most extensive commercially available digitised music library of 500,000 tracks.  Jigsaw™ can boast to host all the Top 10 Chart Tracks within its library, plus professionally created playlists for maximum ambience.

Back Ground Music with professionally compiled playlists scheduled through the day and night that empathises with your customers’ changing music requirements as the day progresses.

4,000 Music Videos again sourced from SoundNet.  With more and more venues using audio visual systems linked to high definition TV’s to create the best ambience, music videos are proving an ever popular choice in endeavours to maximise customers’ dwell time.

6,250 Karaoke Tracks sourced from Sunfly, widely acclaimed as the most dependable and recognisable karaoke brand in the world, including Sunfly’s Top 1,000 best karaoke tracks.  Jigsaw™ uses Sunfly’s very latest high definition video graphics to maximise the singer’s experience. 

In-House Cash and Prize Bingo from NRM, the UK’s leading wide area bingo systems operator.  NRM have been delivering wide area bingo for the National Game since 1997, and during that time have successfully delivered over 5 Million games with more than 8 Billion player tickets.  More importantly, NRM have delivered these games with a staggering 99.98% success rate. 

Main Stage Linked Bingo is a dedicated NRM wide area linked bingo product available exclusively from Connected Entertainment.  Linked bingo is a proven and profitable revenue generator within the UK Holiday Park sector.  Subject to obtaining the appropriate licences from your Local Authority and the Gambling Commission, Jigsaw™ can facilitate a dedicated linked bingo, connecting multiple venues together, thus generating greater prize liquidity for maximum player appeal.

The National™ Bingo Game is one of the biggest bingo games in the UK, hosted by the National Bingo Game Association, and now available through Jigsaw™.  With a national prize of up to £25,000, and a jackpot prize of up to £250,000, the National™ Bingo Game delivers life enhancing prizes on every game.  Sessions are available to play every afternoon and every evening.

Games & Advertising completing the Jigsaw™ compendium encompassing tried and tested firm favourites, plus some unique firsts, including:

Pub Quiz; having a variety of rounds and categories with automatic end of game Tie-Breaker feature,

Head2Head; the ultimate one on one or team challenge game,

Higher or Lower; popular card based game using memory and concentration to predict whether the next card turned is HIGHER or LOWER,

Bingo Beats; a musical game fast becoming the industry benchmark,

Raffle; taking the hassle from raffle, with a simple to set up and easy to use format,

Advertising; template adverts within Jigsaw™ delivers professional advertising on to all looped TV’s in your venue, making best use of your TV’s between those big sporting fixtures.