Using a Jigsaw™ server and slave PC configuration, a Jigsaw™ system can be installed covering several rooms and/or zones within the same premises, connected via CAT5 or CAT6 cabling.

Jigsaw™ Multi-Room provides each room or zone with independent Jigsaw™ Content functionality running concurrently. Jigsaw™ Multi-Room is fast becoming a popular option within premises whose guests span a wider demographic, keeping more people entertained more of the time.

Our business is totally committed to working closely with its customers, understanding their own specific venue requirements, which ensures our product development roadmap best reflects the needs of the customer. I am very confident that Jigsaw™ will exceed your expectations and that Connected Entertainment is the right supply partner for your business.

I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate Jigsaw™ to you and your team and if you require any further information in the meantime please feel free to call me.

For more information or advice on our bingo software, please contact us on 01482 467038 or email