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Pub quizzes continue to grow in popularity with increased participation throughout the UK. Jigsaw™ Pub Quiz can be set up in seconds and distribute questions and answers to all looped TV’s and screens within your venue, meaning everyone can join in their favourite quiz.

A unique question selection feature prevents the annoyance of repetition.

On-line updates ensures your questions are relevant and up to date.

Instantly recognisable categories with varying levels of difficulty and a unique randomise feature.

In-built Tie-Breaker feature ensures there is only one winner at the end of each quiz.

Head2Head Challenge

Yet another first for Jigsaw™ employing dedicated questions for this unique challenge game.

A game that can be played one on one, or in teams, or between venues.

Jigsaw™ Head2Head delivers on every level.

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Higher or Lower

The ultimate card game made easy.

Jigsaw™ Higher or Lower offers an easy to set up game format with several options to keep your customers wanting more.

Your only concern is whether to make it easy or make it hard.

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Bingo Beats

The ever popular musical bingo game just got better.

Using Jigsaw™ database’s random selection process, ensures you don’t have the same music sequence twice.

Branded Bingo Beats tickets available as a free of charge download to all customers.

Sell the tickets. Press Play. And watch you customers rock.

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The stalwart of every venue is the traditional raffle.

Jigsaw™ offers a truly randomised raffle selection displayed on all looped TV’s and Screens.

Compatible with most raffle or cloak room ticket books.

Jigsaw™ Raffle makes short work of multiple prize draws ensuring maximum customer satisfaction whether they are winners or not.

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In-venue Advertising

Make the most of your looped TV’s between those big sporting fixtures.

Jigsaw™ Advert Templates are easy to use and deliver high quality professional looking adverts to promote: food offers, cocktails, karaoke night, quiz night, or the next big game.

In-venue advertising works. Jigsaw™ just makes it easy.

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