Bingo Software

Jigsaw™ in-house Bingo is easy to set up and easy to play. Graphically rich content displayed on your venues’ TV’s and Screens ensures every customer can participate.

Cash Bingo and Prize Bingo are included as standard, and after just a few clicks, you’re Eyes Down and looking for your first number.

Main Stage Linked Bingo is unique to Jigsaw™.

Wide area multi-venue linked bingo can generate significantly higher prize funds, and requires specialist and dependable back office systems.

Jigsaw™ Main Stage Linked Bingo is powered by NRM, the UK’s leading wide area bingo system operator.

NRM has run the technical operations of the National Bingo Game since 1997. During this time NRM has delivered more than 12,000 individual games, resulting in 5 Million club/games, and sales of 8 Billion player tickets. An important factor being, that the success rate of these games has been in excess of 99.98%, which clearly demonstrates the ability of the business to deliver a robust wide area linked bingo platform and systems solution.

Connected’s exclusive partnership with NRM, ensures Jigsaw™ is the only entertainment system to have a Linked Bingo enabling any independent venue to participate. Whether you have 1 venue and want to link with others, or you have 50 venues to link together, Jigsaw™ provides the perfect solution for all.

For more information or advice on our bingo software, please contact us on 01482 467038 or email